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Forum Guidelines
« on: September 16, 2014, 07:38:29 PM »
Decisions of The TGFC Mod Team are final.

Administrators and moderators of these forums reserve the right to remove any content posted by members, or to suspend or ban any member at any time or for any reason in accordance with these guidelines and at their sole discretion. They also reserve the right to handle all administrative issues, including disciplinary action, privately.

Inappropriate language, images and treatment of other members is prohibited.

This rule applies to all posts, visitor messages, private messages and email communication via MFC.

Hateful language - including but not limited to racist, sexist, homophobic, and/or bigoted speech.

Personal insults and attacks - including name-calling or insults about a person's religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, age, nationality, physical impairment, etc. Do not mock someone because of their appearance, or the way they speak/write, or the amount of time they spend on the forum. Saying your comment was meant as "a joke", or using the rose-colored glasses icon or invisible text to disguise a nasty remark is not acceptable. Just saying you didn't mean something as an insult doesn't make it any less of one.

Trolling – Trolling is posting inflammatory messages with the purpose of provoking an emotional response from other members. This may lead to an immediate ban of unknown members or a warning to established members. If we have reason to believe that someone is telling lies about themselves or their circumstances in order to manipulate or trick other members, this will result in strong disciplinary action.

Obscene or pornographic material – will be deleted, and can also lead to a ban. Moderators may edit or delete any post deemed unsuitable.

We have members from all over the world with different cultural sensitivities and of all different ages who ALL LOVE TALBOT!!! Some are under the age of 13. While not strictly prohibited, we ask that you use caution in the following areas and consult with a moderator if you are unsure of what is acceptable.

Adult topics and language - avoid profanity, explicit sexual posts, excessive sexual innuendo or other content that may be inappropriate. This would include posts that describe a sex act, or strongly imply one. The forum system automatically blanks out certain curse words, but there are some that it won't catch and you may be asked to stop using those words by a moderator.

Propaganda – avoid spreading the beliefs of any organizations, movements, religions or political parties. This includes using avatars and signatures, other symbols, texts and links to websites, to advertise principles related to such groups.

Respect the privacy of others.

Do not post personal information (i.e. personal photographs, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, or any other private information) without permission. This applies to other members, Talbot, his family, his band or his management. Since Talbot's family are not public figures, posting photographs of them that are not officially taken at publicity events, or soliciting personal information about them, is not permitted. Keep in mind that Talbot his management, and his family and friends read these boards at times.

Illegal activity is not permitted.

Avoid condoning illegal activity - including promoting illegal drug use, fraud (such as failing to pay for tickets that were purchased on your behalf), and other illegal activities. This also includes "scalping" or “touting”, meaning reselling tickets to a show at a premium in order to make a profit.

Spamming is not permitted.

This rule applies to all posts, visitor messages, private messages and email communication via TGFC.

Posts that are seen as spam will be deleted and the spammer may be banned automatically.

Use the search function before opening a thread.

Multiple threads on the same subject will be closed, with a redirect to the other thread on this subject (which is usually the one started first or with the most posts in it). Use the search function to Determine if a similar thread already exists before you start a new thread. Also, name your threads clearly, so that a reader has a good idea of the content without opening the thread.

Do not register multiple accounts.

If a member is found to be using multiple accounts for inappropriate reasons (to avoid disciplinary action for example), moderators may take steps to disable the secondary account(s).

Violation of the above guidelines can lead to either an infraction or temporary or permanent banning from the forum.

When any of the forum guidelines are violated, the TGFC mod team will determine an appropriate action. This includes (but is not limited to) public warnings, private warnings, temporary account suspension, permanent account suspension and server bans.

An infraction is a notice applied to a user's account to denote that he/she has somehow violated the forum guidelines. You'll see the infraction in the user profile, with the reason the infraction was given. The member will receive notification whenever he/she receives an infraction.

Multiple infractions lead to a ban.

If the moderators ban a user, that means the user will not be able post on this forum. Spammers and those who post pornography will be immediately banned. In other situations, a permanent ban is only applied if a user is persistently abusive or otherwise continuously disregards the forum guidelines and the instruction of the TGFC Mod Team.

Here are the general guidelines for issuing a ban:
If a user violates the forum guidelines, a moderator first sends a warning via a private message (PM) or publicly.
If the user continues to disregard the warnings, an infraction is placed against the account.
If a user continues to disregard the guidelines and the requests of the TGFC Mod Team after they have received an infraction they will be banned from the forum either temporarily or permanently. The length of the ban will be determined by a consensus among members of the TGFC Mod Team and may vary depending on the circumstances.
If a banned user returns to the forum using a different screen name the moderators may issue a ban against the person's IP address.

You will note that most of these guidelines fall under common courtesy and common sense. If you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to let the moderators know.

The TGFC Mod/Admin Team