Things have progressed and I can see there are many questions, so, as creator of the Talbot Griffin Fan Club I feel a responsibility to rise to the challenge.

Talbot started this journey from New York to LA to see me and it’s time for me to step up and face my responsibilities.  I also said he wasn’t coming just to see me, but to ‘become like just so so famous’.  And nothing will change that.  Nothing!  Talbot Griffin will become incredibly famous – it’s his destiny!  We can all see that by now!

I’d also said ‘don’t ask about the dogs’… in my excited video when I met you all.. because I have a.. ‘reputation’, no, more a ‘fixation’ with animals.  And those of you who are getting to know me more have a clearer understanding of that too.

It feels so good to really be getting to know you all.  Your help and support in helping me save Talbot Griffin is overwhelming and warms my heart.

So let’s do this. I’m planning how and when to hit Route 66 and ultimately rescue our TG.

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