Welcome to the Talbot Griffin Fan Club!

To all who love the amazing talent that is Talbot Griffin, welcome, WELCOME!! I’ve started this site to celebrate all things Talbot: His music, his life, his hotness, his musical legacy!

Many of you may be new to Talbot’s music, but let me assure you, HE IS AMAZING! I consider myself his biggest fan, and have been following him ever since I saw him perform in New York while I was there on vacation with my husband.

Since then, even though I live in Santa Monica (the end of Route 66), I’ve discovered so many wonderful things about Talbot! His likes, his dislikes, his favorite Starbucks drink (vanilla lattes), where he lives, his phone number…..but those last few are private and only shared between Talbot and me. I can’t violate his trust so don’t ask! 😉

So enjoy the site, and watch here for news, pictures and announcements about Talbot’s climb to the top of Rock History!


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